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At this stage of life, planning is under way for adulthood. Our SSAs will work with you and your child to identify needs and outcomes for the future.

What kind of housing do they prefer? Where will they work? What kind of post-secondary education are they looking for? These are all things the SSA will explore along with the school district in order to develop a transition IEP.

Also, during this time, we will focus more on job skill development programs. Partnerships with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, the KEYS program, and the BEST program are just a few of the programs that can help prepare young adults for the future.


Age 16 to 22

Adolescent smiling


Eligibility for services is determined using guidelines established by the State of Ohio. 

Funding of Services

Local school districts are required by law to provide free and appropriate public education to children with disabilities age 3 to 21. An appropriate education may be accompanied by related services such as speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy, psychological counseling, and medical diagnostic services necessary to the child’s education.

Additionally, GCBDD provides contracted behavioral services provided through New Story Schools in each school district in Guernsey County. KEYS is a program funded and provided by the GCBDD. The BEST Program is a program provided and funded by MidEast Career and Technology Center. Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities is an employment service offered by the State of Ohio.

If a child has any additional needs that are not provided through the school district, some funding may be available through Family Support Services (FSS). FSS can help with respite care, adaptive equipment, home modifications, developmental items, and therapies that are not covered by insurance. Please contact your SSA for assistance with applying.  Scholarships are offered annually to high school graduates for post-secondary education and training programs. Please contact your SSA for assistance with applying.


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