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Early Intervention (EI) is a coordinated, community-based service that promotes family-centered programs for children, birth to three years of age and their families. The program focuses on the family as a whole.


EI provides health and developmental services so children can start school healthy and ready to learn. EI provides service coordination and evaluations as well as early identification of children with developmental delays, with information, guidance, and links to therapeutic interventions.

Phycial Therapist working with young children.

Early Intervention


Who is eligible?

  • Any child, birth to age 3, with a documented developmental delay or medical diagnosis in at least one area of development

  • Any child, age 3 through 5, with a documented developmental delay in at least two areas of development or a medical diagnosis

  • A child with a documented disability or medical diagnosis, which, has a high probability for developmental delays

  • ODD Early Intervention eligibility information

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