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Aging and Retirement

Age 22 and Up

As a person ages, there are many new and different challenges to face. Some of these may include physical changes, a change in your ability for personal care, retirement decisions, and end of life decisions. During this time, your SSA will provide assistance with retirement needs, nursing home screenings, DNR orders, and burial plans.

A change in your daily routine can be challenging when retirement comes. In the continuum of services, you may be interested in Habilitation services. These services are center-based services by a certified provider where you will be assisted with socialization activities, volunteering programs, personal care, and health and wellness activities. If you are interested in Habilitation services, your SSA can assist you with finding the one that is right for you.

Adult male creating with clay.


Eligibility for services is determined using guidelines established by the State of Ohio.

Funding of Services

Many services for adults are funded through Medicaid Waivers or locally funded through Supported Living services. There are many factors that are used to determine the eligibility of either funding stream. Additionally, each waiver provides different types of services and has different budget amounts available for services. 

Family Support Services may also be able to help with funding for respite services. Please contact your SSA for more information.


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