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Provider certification is managed by the Ohio Department Disabilities. Please visit their website to learn more.

People who work in the field of developmental disabilities are called Direct Support Professionals (DSP.)


What is a DSP (Direct Support Professional)? As a Direct Support Professional you will work with individuals with disabilities to help them increase independence and participate in their community.  There are DSP positions available in residential, day support, and employment services.  As a DSP you will have a flexible schedule where you will gain skills to advance in the DD field or pursue other career dreams.  The most important role as a DSP you will be an advocate for the individual in self-expression, communication, and goals.

Becoming a Provider

Types of Providers

Man holding a pine cone, smiling.

Independent Provider

An Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Certified Independent Provider is a self-employed person who provides services/supports for people with developmental disabilities. Independent providers must provide the services themselves and cannot employ, either directly or through contract, anyone else to provide the services.  5123:2-2-01


Agency Provider

An Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Certified Agency Provider is an entity that directly employs at least one person in addition to the chief executive officer for the purpose of providing services for which the entity must be certified under this rule.  5123:2-2-01

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