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Our main outcome when supporting you is to help you be as independent as possible while providing the best services available.  Our SSAs will support you to assess and identify your needs and help you set goals to achieve the life you want to live.

There are a variety of services to help achieve the goals. Some of these are home-maker personal care, adult day services, vocational habilitation services, and transportation. These services enhance the quality of life for individuals and are offered in a variety of settings. These services may include personal care, community inclusion, training in self-determination, health & wellness activities, and employment or vocational services. Transportation services help individuals’ access services in their community.  Guernsey County has many certified providers for each service. To learn more please contact your SSA.


Age 22 and Up

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Eligibility for services is determined using guidelines established by the State of Ohio. 

Funding of Services

Many services for adults are funded through Medicaid Waivers. There are many factors that are used to determine the eligibility of a Medicaid Waiver. Additionally, each waiver provides different types of services and has different budget amounts available for services.

Family Support Services may also be able to help with funding for respite services. Please contact your SSA for more information.


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