What is Early Intervention?
Certified through the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Early Intervention is a service provided to families that have a child with a medical condition or whose child shows a developmental delay. Services are offered at no cost to the family
What can Early Intervention do ?

* Improve developmental and educational growth for children and their families;

* Help children with developmental delays become more independent and functional;

* Help reduce the need for future Special services for children and their families;

* Help develop a system of support for children and their families;

* Give developmental play ideas to the families to continue between visits; and

* Answer questions about child development   


Who is eligible ?
Eligibility for Early Intervention Services is based 

* Any child birth to age 3 with a developmental delay in at least one area of development.

* Any child age 3 through 5 with a developmental delay in at least two areas of development

* A child with a documented disability or medical condition, which, has a high probability for developmental delays

What services are offered through Early Intervention?

* A developmental evaluation to determine if your child has a developmental delay;

* Special instruction through therapeutic play for your child from a Developmental specialist in a natural environment;

* Parent and family education;

* Family Resource Services;

* Play Project;

* Services and Support Administration (SSA) case management for children 3 through age 5;

* Service Coordination through Help Me grow Birth to age 3


What is a Developmental Specialist?

    A Developmental specialists has education in child development and experience working with infants, toddlers, and their families.  Specialists meet specific qualifications and licensure requirements of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.


Additional resources may be found at the State of Ohio Department of Health Website

Early Intervention services are offered in the homes of enrolled families.  Early Intervention staff can be reached at 
740-439-4451 Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Early Intervention Staff

Jessica Smith
Developmental Specialist
Extension: 6817

Kelley Burkhart
Developmental Specialist
Extension: 6848

Joe Rosen
Developmental Specialist
Extension: 6841

Tasha Gebhart
Speech Language Pathologist
Extension: 6836

Additional Programs
 P.L.A.Y. Project
 The PLAY Project® (Play & Language for Autistic Youngsters) is an evidence-based developmental intervention for families of young children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The PLAY Project is the pragmatic application of the theory of DIR® (Developmental Individual Differences & Relationship-Based)/Floortime™ and emphasizes the importance of helping parents become their child’s best PLAY partner. Two Early Intervention Specialists have completed P.L.A.Y. Project training. The Early Interventions Specialist is currently working with families.