Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Services are offered to people with disabilities in Guernsey County from the time an infant is diagnosed with a developmental disability, or before age 22 if an incident should occur that results in a disability. To verify eligibility, an application must be submitted and verified through the Service and Support Administration (SSA) Department. Once a person is eligible for services, the following services may be available to them:

Quick Start Guide

Birth - 6 years old

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Guernsey DD understands your family's unique challenges and it standing by to prepare you to be your child's best advocate.

More Information on Early Intervention

7 - 22 years old

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We help put your child on a path to a job in the community.

More Information on School Age Services

23+ years old

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We listen to you and support your life choices with the right resources and connections, for life.

More information on Service and Support

The Guernsey County Board Serves over 600 Guernsey County citizens with disabilities. Our focus is to integrate the lives of people served by our agency into the communities in which they live. Providing services such as transportation, employment and habilitation helps people live full lives with value and worth in their communities.


People with disabilities have the same rights as all citizens. Click here to learn more about the Bill of Rights for people with disabilities.

Due Process

Have you need denied services? You have the right to appeal (change) that decision. Find out what your rights are to Due Process and how to appeal that decision. Click here, to learn more.

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Guernsey County Board of Developmental Disabilities

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