Self Advocacy

People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) must have the right to and be supported to act as self-advocates. Self-advocates exercise their rights as citizens by communicating for and representing themselves, with supports in doing so, as necessary. This means they have a say in decision-making in all areas of their daily lives and in public policy decisions that affect them.

Independent Stars

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Independent Stars focuses on teaching individuals with developmental disabilities the pillars of self-determination. The six-pillars are dreaming, contribution and community, dignity and respect, choice,responsibilities, and relationships. Through this group, individuals are learning self-advocacy skills to improve their lives.

High School Groups

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Self-Advocacy groups are held at Mid-East Career and Technology Buffalo Campus, Cambridge City Schools and Rolling Hills Schools.

Each meeting brings a new perspective to the students through real life examples and exploration of their own interest and talents.

Young Adults

This new group is for individuals aged 18-25 to help with the transition after high school. The groups focuses on teaching transition aged youth the importance of being an active member of their communities through employment, civic work, and recreation.