February 2020 - Bobcat Coffee Company

Our February Working Wednesday spotlight goes to the Bobcat Coffee Company at Cambridge High School (Cambridge, Ohio).

The coffee company is in their 5th year where they proudly serve Birds and Beans coffee, a totally organic and bird friendly coffee. Once a week (Thursday) Ms. Armes’s class opens the coffee shop doors to students and Friday mornings to staff. The coffee shop has branched out and once a month they open a soda shop to students. Ms. Armes’s students have the opportunity to perform different roles in the coffee shop including collecting money, handing out tickets, serving drinks, and greeting patrons.

In our recent visit to the coffee company the class was serving up “Be my Valentine” floats. Working in the shop while visiting were Luke, who is known as the “ice and cart” man. Jonathan was busy handing out tickets, but usually can be found going door to door, knocking and saying “BCC.”

Congratulations to the Bobcat Coffee Company!!

January 2020 - Michelle

In early 2019, Michele was referred to the Employment First program through Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities. During this time Michele began working with employment provider, RHDD Creative Employment Solutions, to design a path toward her personal employment goals. While working with Creative Employment Solutions, Michele continues to work on her vocational skills by attending Guernsey Industries five days a week. Not one for down time, Michele also volunteers at a local day care where she loves helping out with the kids.

At Guernsey Industries for several years, her manager, Angel, would say that the "jobs that she has loved the most are the ones where she has been able to help other people. She has such a big heart and a passion for helping other people that it is impossible to not see. She worked for many years in the kitchen at the County Board of DD preparing and serving food to the children of Golden Rule School which she truly loved."

"Michele would do anything to help anyone and on top of her generous heart, she is extremely talented on the pallet floor, which is the department she works in when she isn't doing ALL of these things., and she absolutely loves doing all of it, because she wouldn't be herself if she wasn't able to make a difference in someone else's life and every moment you spend with her she changes your outlook on life!" In today's world, job searching can be a long and tedious process, but Michele is proof that through hard work, dedication, and patience, the end goal is possible!

December 2019 - Jim

He currently works at the Village of Byesville, Village Hall Water Treatment Facility and (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) Salt Fork State Park through Guernsey Industries janitorial enclave program. When Jim is not working at these two locations you can find him working on the pallet floor at Guernsey Industries. When asked what his favorite part of the day is he laughs, “drinking coffee, but I like to stay busy throughout the day.” Angel Watkins, Production Manager with Guernsey Industries, reports that Jim is one of the most dedicated employees and someone who puts his heart into his work. “Jim comes to work every day with a smile on his face and is truly someone that you cannot wait to be around. He is always asking for more to do.” In the nearly 15 years that Jim has worked through Guernsey Industries he has never missed a day’s work. “He is dedicated to doing a great job. He makes the gloomiest of days seem bright,” states Watkins.

November 2019 - Chris

He is currently participating in the Employment

First program through Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD). For many years Chris has been employed at Guernsey Industries, but felt that he was ready for the next step. After deciding that community employment was that next step, Chris and his Service and Support Administrator (SSA) filled out the necessary paperwork and began the referral process for the program. Since July, Chris has been busy working with his employment vendor/provider Rhdd in the job search phase. Sometimes this process can be lengthy and requires a lot of patience; however Chris has shown that he is up for the challenge.

October 2019 - Tim

Tim is employed at Salt Fork Lodge and Conference Center in the kitchen area. In January of 2019 Tim was referred to Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities-Employment First program beginning his search for community employment. He chose to work with RHDD-Creative Employment Solutions as his employment vendor and after a short time in job searching Tim was offered a job at Salt Fork in June of 2019. Tim is always aiming to please and working at such a fast pace the kitchen area was the perfect fit for him.

September 2019 - Daniel

He participated in the @Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities

Summer Work Experience program. This is a five week program throughout the summer where an individual works at a location with a job coach to develop the skills necessary for employment. He selected to work with Cedar Ridge Behavioral Health Solutions as his employment provider and began his journey. At his worksite Danny had several tasks and responsibilities, such as restocking shelves and sorting inventory. “Danny is such a hard worker and aims to please in everything he does,” states Megan Durant, job coach with Cedar Ridge. Danny graduated from Mid-East Career and Technology Centers-Buffalo Campus BEST program where he received a solid foundation for community employment. Megan goes onto say, “Danny’s positive and never quit attitude is contagious. He makes a great addition to any team he is on.”

August 2019 - R.C.

He participated in the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) Summer Work Experience program. This is a five week program throughout the summer where an person works at a location with a job coach to develop the skills necessary for employment. During many conversations with R.C., his SSA, Misty Angle, determined that employment was something R.C. was interested in, but he and his family were not sure where to begin.

SSA Angle made the referral to OOD and the process began.He selected to work with Employment Options as his employment provider and began his journey in July. R.C.'s job involved a lot of manual labor, a task he was hesitant about, but a few week's in he admitted to really liking his job. He was tired when returning home, but looked forward to getting his paycheck.

July 2019 - Ryan

He is participating in the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) Summer Work Experience program. This is a five week program throughout the summer where an individual works at a location one on one with a job coach. Before being referral to the OOD program Ryan participated in the KEYS (Knowledge Education Youth Success) program in 2018 that prepared him for what working will look like. Once he began working with OOD Ryan and his parents selected to work with Cedar Ridge Behavioral Health Solutions as an employment vendor for the summer program. Teagan Woodmansee, summer job coach with Cedar Ridge, has been working with Ryan at Denny’s throughout the program and reports that he is a great worker. “Ryan is very task oriented and reads his work area very well. He knows what is expected and will joke with me ‘that isn’t how James does it.’” Ryan interacts with his co-workers very well and when asked what he likes most about his job, “I like working with James.”

June 2019 - Will

He is employed at Cambridge Used Cars and Rentals as a car

detailer. When people are asked what they admire most about Will they will usually tell you it is his work ethic and friendly personality. In the short time he has been employed at Cambridge Used Cars Will has proven to be an asset to their work family. “Will seems to like his work here and we are glad to have him on board,” states Adam Chandler. Adam goes on to say, “He is always eager to do a good job.” “I love my job and I even get to drive all the fancy cars back out to the lot after I detail them!” exclaims Will.

May 2019 - Carter

He is employed at Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing in the re-manufacturing cleaning unit at the Reman East Plant 2 location. Since starting in January, Carter continues to exceed the expectations of his supervisors. If asked to do it, Carter does it. He is a great worker with an even better attitude.

After graduating from Mid-East Career and Technology Centers, employment was not going to be a barrier for Carter, but transportation was feared to be. Luckily, Carter is able to access transportation from Rhdd, that is able to take him to and from work daily.

April 2019 - Devin

Devin is a volunteer at Southeastern Med. "Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless." This is especially true of Devin; working to him, in his own words is "making someone's day."

March 2019 - Doug

Known as the “voice of the county board,” Doug can be heard on numerous commercials for the Guernsey County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

During the 60th Anniversary celebration Doug also provided the voice for the live feed on location at the county board office. Every October the county board hosts an Employment Breakfast for working individuals and employers that Doug emcees. “It is always an honor to work with Doug during the Employment Breakfast,” states Employment Navigator Jennifer Oakley. “He has notes prepared, but with any live event things change and he is able to adapt and change his monologue if need be.”

February 2019 - Selena

Selena was employed at All For Kids Inc. Early Learning Center through the Summer Youth Employment Program in 2018. After the summer program ended Selena was asked to stay on with All For Kids on an as needed basis. Tori Cowgill with All For Kids was full of positivity when it comes to Selena. “Selena is just a joy to be around. She is a jack of all trades. Staff all want her in their room. She is such a hard worker always going above and beyond,” states Cowgill. When asked what she enjoys most about working at the center Selena says, “I have learned a lot. I help prepare lunches, stock rooms, clean up after the kids and most importantly manage difficult situations.” Selena is such a great employee that at the end of the summer awards dinner she was awarded the “Above and Beyond” award for her attitude and job discipline.

January 2019 - Duane

Duane has been employed with Belco Works since 2017 at the ODOT rest area on Interstate 70. When asked what he likes best about the job, Duane state, "Well, I always like mowing, but I like doing a good job and hearing the good compliments." While visiting Duane on his job-site, he was busy mopping, but you can find him doing many tasks, such as cleaning, grounds keeping, picking up trash in the car lot and when weather permitting, mowing. "Duane is a hard worker he just needs some motivation at times," states his supervisor, Dave. "Dave is a good guy. I go to him for a lot of advice," Duane added.

December 2018 - DJ

DJ has been employed at Domino's Pizza since June 2018. He is always eager to jump right in and help where ever needed. In March of 2018, he was referred to the Employment First Initiative and chose to work with RHDD-Creative Employment Solutions as his employment vendor.

DJ enjoys helping his mom cook at home, so he knew from the beginning he wanted to work in the food industry. As part of the Employment First program, DJ completed a community based assessment (CBA), part of which was done at Dominos. From that CBA, DJ was offered a position. At Dominos, DJ is mainly responsible for assembling the boxes, but he will help in the food prep when needed.

November 2018 - Jolene

Jolene has been employed at Burger King since June 2018. Jolene really loves her job at Burger King; her co-workers make her days better. She was referred to the Employment First Initiative and selected TEAM as her employment vendor. With the supports of TEAM she began the job search process and was able to successfully become employed in the community.