Guernsey County Special Olympics
Guernsey County Special Olympics

Rick Lynch, Special Olympics Coordinator

Guernsey Special Olympics is a non-profit, local organization through Special Olympics Ohio. This is provided as a service to all Guernsey County eligible individuals regardless of provider affiliation free of charge and is staffed by registered, certified and trained volunteers under the direction of Special Olympic Coordinators.

The program includes competition and training and is generously funded through No-Show Ball donations, fund-raisers, the George Decker Memorial Foundation, local levy dollars, and local grants.

Sport by Season

End of July until end of August - 6 wks

Team Bowling
End of September until Tournament - End of October (Oct. 20-21)

Starts first of October - AMC meet end of October - State Meet (Dec. 1st)


Individual Bowling
March - Area Tournament in April

Track and Bocce
Starts in March 
AMC Meet - First of May - Spring Games
State Meet - End of June - Summer Games


Individuals wishing to participate in Special Olympics must have an Athlete Medical Form on file (download below).  The athlete needs to complete pages 1-3.  Take pages 4 and 5 to your physician.  The physician must complete page 4.  If your physician does not clear you for participation and refers you for follow-up evaluation by another physician, the physician you are referred to must complete page 5.
The form is good for three years.  

For more complete information on the Ohio Special Olympics program, please look at the 


Aquatics | September-December
Basketball League | November -March
Bowling | Year Round
Athletics & Bocce | March-June
Golf | July-October
State Summer Games | Last Weekend in June
George Decker Memorial Invitational Swim Meet | August