Safety is our #1 priority.  Our bus drivers, bus aides, supervisors, office staff, and mechanic are well qualified to ensure everyone's safety
For transportation problems or clarification needs, the Transportation Supervisor may be contacted between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at (740) 439-4451 Extension: 6823 .

*  The nature and extent of Transportation Services provided to each individual served is determined through the Individual plan process.
The determination is reviewed at least annually. 

*  The Board will provide transportation alternatives, which allow for the least restrictive and most appropriate means by which an enrollee can access Board services.

*  Assistance will be provided to individuals while being transported on Board vehicles when the individual's plan indicates a need for such assistance.

 Authorized passengers for transportation provided by the Guernsey County Board of DD includes individuals enrolled and those being considered for enrollment, volunteers, family members and caregivers as defined in the planning process.

*  Transportation schedules are provided at least two times annually. Basically summer and winter routes. It is important to be ready at least 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up time.  

*  An enrollee shall not travel for more than 90 minutes one way or more than 180 minutes a day on a regularly scheduled round trip. 

*  If transportation services are not needed for the day, please call the workshop office at 439-5017 to notify the bus.

*  If an enrollee leaves the program early, they must be signed out in either the school or workshop office.

*  The Enrollee/Parent/Guardian must submit a written request to provide his/her own transportation; prior to such an arrangement being made.

*  Upon board notification, the enrollee may elect to walk, ride public transportation, or utilize other means to reach the program site.

*  No unauthorized passengers shall be transported on a program vehicle.

*  Animals, firearms, ammunition, explosives, or other dangerous materials or objects, which interfere with safe operation of the vehicle shall not be transported.

*  Enrollees may not throw or pass objects on, from, or into the bus.

*  Enrollees may only carry on objects that can be held on their laps.

*  Enrollees must leave or board the bus at locations assigned unless parental and administrative authorization for changes has been given. 

*  Enrollees may not put head or arms out of the bus windows, or sit in the aisle. 

*  After 3 consecutive missed days without calling off, the enrollee, parent, or caregiver is responsible for contacting the board office to resume transportation.