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A Major Unusual Incident is defined in the Ohio Department of DD rules as an alleged, suspected, or actual occurrence of an incident when there is reason to believe the health or welfare of an individual may be adversely affected or an individual may be placed at a likely risk of harm, if such individual is receiving services through the developmental disabilities service delivery system or will be receiving such services as a result of the incident.

The provider of services must document these events on an incident report. Incidents may occur at the home, work, or at a special event. Any event that is not consistent with a persons routine must have a report filed. Incidents are reported to the SSA Department of the Guernsey County Board of DD to determine if the incident is a MUI. If the incident is determined to be a MUI, the SSA will process the information with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Mid-East Ohio
Regional Council (MEORC) will complete the investigation. MEORC will report the findings and the SSA will then work with the individual, their advocates or guardians, and providers to develop a Plan of Prevention for further incidents.

DODD and the Guernsey County Board of DD is responsible to protect the health and welfare of the people it serves and this reporting system is one of the many ways to safeguard individuals.

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