Service and Support Administration (SSA)

    Service and Support Administration is a service for children (age 3 and above) and adults with developmental disabilities.  The Service and Support Administrator (SSA) support individuals, their families, and guardians by helping  them be active participants in their communities.  The SSA service as the "primary point of contact" for all coordination of service for the person.  The SSA supports the person at each point in the process for developing services.  Their responsibilities are:
  • Introduction and Eligibility: to determine who is eligible for County Board services.


  • Discovery: to determine a person's current abilities, natural supports, and desires in order to establish outcomes to meet.
  • Support Planning: to develop the Individual Support Plan (ISP) to provide guidance for achieving the person's desired outcomes from requested supports.


  • Resource Management:  to identify , connect, and provide methods or funding to meet needs of people we support.  This may be through natural support or local and Medicaid funds.


  • Listening and Learning: a continuous process of gathering information and supporting the person to their desired outcome.
       SSA's provide service through Medicaid waiver , Supported Living, and Family Support Services.  These services range from 24 hour care to drop in supports.


Who is eligible for services?
SSA services are available to Guernsey County residents who have evidence of a developmental disability (before age 22) and at least three areas of substantial functional limitation on the Level Of Care.  Also, services are available to each individual regardless of age or eligible who is enrolled on a Home or Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver.

How do I request services in Guernsey County?
Please contact our Introduction and Eligibility specialist during normal office hour (8:00am-4:00pm) at 740-439-4451 extension #6835.  You may also stop in the office location at 60770 Southgate Road , Byesville, Ohio 43723.

Emergency Assistance
If it is a life threatening emergency, always call 911 first. After regular business hours, weekends and holidays, contact the 24 hour emergency response number at
(740) 260-3206.

Tanya Hitchens
Director SSA/Medicaid Services
Ext: 6834
Paige Moore
SSA Assistant
Ext: 6835
Jennifer Antill
Ext: 6838
Misty Angle
Ext: 6831
Jamie Allen
Ext: 6839
Matt Costello
Ext: 6833
Mallory Frymeyer
Ext: 6837
Kathy Graham
Ext: 6844
Lacie Powley
Ext: 6857

Jennifer Oakley
Ext: 6826