Respite Providers

Alco Service, LLC
1416 Kaderly Street NW
New Philadelphia, OH 43463
(330) 407-2056

Alco Services, LLC is a rising provider in the Tuscarawas and surrounding county area that works with local county boards of developmental disabilities as well as other agencies. Specializing in respite care, Alco Services is a certified Medicaid waiver provider that works with individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health diagnoses, and behavioral issues. Respite care services provide caregivers a unique opportunity to have free time with the comfort of knowing their loved one(s) is being well cared for. With a concentration on person-centered planning, goals for the individuals include: behavior management, personal hygiene, independent living skills, and community inclusion. Services are provided for individuals from ages 3 to 60 though, age appropriate groupings are taken into consideration. Typical weekend services are scheduled from Friday evenings through Sunday afternoons, however hourly and daily rates are also available. Services include daily meals and snacks, medication administration, appropriate supervision, and weekend outings/activities including transportation. To learn more about Alco Services, LLC and their programs, please contact them via the information provided. 

Echoing Hills Village, Inc.
36272 County Road 79
Warsaw, OH 43844
(740) 327-2311

In 1967, Camp Echoing Hills welcomed its very first campers, but the story starts further back than that. It began with a man, a tractor and a message from God.  Rev. D. Cordell Brown was born with cerebral palsy in a time where children with disabilities were often institutionalized and forgotten. His parents chose to believe that their son was capable of achieving great things and raised him to believe so as well. One day while driving the tractor on his parents’ farm, Cordell had an experience with God. He remembers, “Something was being planted in my heart that beautiful spring morning in 1965. Our small family farm had become acres of holy ground. God was planting a new dream in me.”

 For Cordell and his family, life would never be the same. On the same family farm, Camp Echoing Hills was founded. Today, a tall wooden cross stands on top of the hill where Cordell realized his calling. What started as a summer camp quickly grew to be so much more.

“When I originally imagined Camp Echoing Hills, I’d focused on making the experience one the campers would never forget,” said Cordell. “I wanted to make them feel at home, so they could open their hearts to the Lord. I hadn’t considered what would happen after they left the camp. Now I had to.”

 In 1973, Echoing Hills Residential Center opened in Warsaw, Ohio and the 501(c)(3) charitable organization began to grow. In the years that followed, Echoing Hills Village grew to include programs in Athens County, Montgomery County, Stark and Summit Counties, and Lorain County, as well as Ghana West Africa. Cordell’s vision, of a place where people with disabilities could know and experience Jesus Christ, had become a reality.

 In 2012, Echoing Hills Village introduced our newest program, echoingU. Now operating with two campuses in the state of Ohio, echoingU is a transitional program for young adults with disabilities, allowing them to work toward the goals they set for themselves of higher education, independent living and competitive employment.

 As our programs continue to grow and adapt, one thing remains clear, the overall goal of Echoing Hills Village is, as it ever was, to revolutionize lives spiritually, physically and emotionally by creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities to know and experience Jesus Christ.

Recreation Unlimited Foundation
7700 Piper Road
Ashley, OH 43003
(740) 548-7006

Recreation Unlimited Farm and Fun (Recreation Unlimited) is a 501(c)3 not-for profit organization serving individuals with physical and developmental disabilities and health concerns and supported through the development efforts of the Recreation Unlimited Foundation.  The mission of Recreation Unlimited is to provide year-round programs in sports, recreation and education for individuals with disabilities and health concerns, while building self-confidence, self-esteem and promoting positive human relations, attitudes, and behaviors. 

REM Ohio
1225 Woodlawn Ave., Suite 104
Cambridge, OH 43725
(740) 432-3371

For adults who want to earn money while participating more fully in community life, our Work Skill Development programs offer paid work opportunities that teach valuable workplace skills. Depending on each individual's interests and personal goals, opportunities may include:

  • Housekeeping - Adults learn to master housekeeping/janitorial skills such as window cleaning and upholstery care.
  • Lawn Maintenance - Supervised work crews learn skills such as weeding, mulching and planting flowers for homes and businesses in the community.
  • Woodworking - Individuals learn to design and build quality woodworking products for sale such as picnic tables and swings.
  • Office/Clerical - Adults learn to help them succeed in an office environment, such as computers and filing.
  • Light Assembly and Packaging - With on-site job coach support, adults build light industrial skills while learning skills such as safety and teamwork.
  • Entrepreneurship - Individuals develop small business skills through projects such as eBay stores and producing handmade crafts for sale.

ResCare HomeCare
67051 Executive Drive
Saint Clairsville, OH 43950
(740) 695-4931

ResCare has developed care management tools and programs that keep the individuals we serve safe, enhance independence, improve quality outcomes and lower health care costs. Our goal is to ensure every individual receives the right care – at the right time – in the safest environment possible.

1517 Chestnut Street
Coshocton, OH 43812

RHDD (Residential Home for the Developmentally Disabled) provides supportive services enabling people to live comfortable, fulfilling lives at home. Both private housing and group homes are included in our services to clients with developmental disabilities.

RHDD is approved to access Federal Medicaid dollars under the OBRA Waiver and certified for the Individual Options Waiver, allowing people with disabilities to live in the setting of their choice. Our staff provides up to 24-hour assistance to encourage clients to achieve the highest quality of life possible.

RHDD will further reduce the demands of community living by accepting payee-ship for clients. This enables RHDD too pay bills and budget for clients. As payee, staff will encourage clients to participate in managing their money to the best of their capabilities.

Our clients may receive transportation for grocery shopping, attending recreational activities, and running personal errands. The RHDD fleet includes double wheelchair accessible vans and five passenger cars. Clients are also encouraged to access their own transportation throughout the community to increase their mobility and independence.

TEAM Consulting
75244 Wintergreen Road
Lore City, OH 43755
(740) 489-5395

TEAM Consulting is a vendor for the Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Bureau of Workers Compensation, Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services and as private consultants. Our referrals of consumers come directly from them.

The population we serve ranges from high school students to adults with various disabilities. We have served individuals with physical disabilities, however, the majority of individuals we work with are developmentally disabled, mentally ill, or are learning disabled. Our time with each consumer varies depending on the services provided. We provide vocational services such Work Adjustment, Job Development, Job Coaching, Assessments, Job Shadowing and Follow-up/Support services based on the counselor's request.

The average case is active until they are successfully assessed, placed in employment and are given follow-up and support services for ninety (90) days after job placement. Some consumers are not provided the entire menu of services we offer as the services are based on need and their desires.