Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Services are offered to people with disabilities in Guernsey County from the time an infant is diagnosed with a developmental disability, or before age 22 if an incident should occur that results in a disability.  To verify eligibility, an application must be submitted and verified through the Service and Support Administration (SSA) Department.  Once a person is eligible for services, the following services may be available to them:

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Employment Navigator/Provider Support

Jennifer Oakley

Employment Navigator

The Employment Navigator (EN) will serve as the lead on employment related issues for individuals with developmental disabilities. The EN will assist with planning and monitoring employment supports for individuals requesting job related services. As the EN, he or she will help with career exploration through the use of person centered practices. Assisting an individual with development of career outcomes in order to maximize their potential is our goal.

The EN will coordinate resources from various agencies to help with the desired outcomes individuals want to achieve. Some of these partners include:

Provider Support

Provider Support will coordinate and facilitate activities aimed at strengthening provider and County Board relationships. As a liaison, the Provider Support will hold regular meetings and training's focused on topics of interest for all providers. These will be directed at promoting awareness and education on various subject matters affecting the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

Provider Support offers assistance with guiding interested parties through the certification process. This may include initial certification and renewal activities.