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Angela Norman - February Employee of the Month

posted Feb 1, 2017, 10:41 AM by Mark Kovack
CONGRATULATIONS You Are Making A Difference!
Congratulations to our February 2017 Employee of the Month – Angela Norman.  Angie is responsible for and manages the Golden Rule School cafeteria.  She plans every meal for nutritional value, makes sure everyone that needs special diets gets what is required, and is probably the BEST cook in all of Guernsey County.  During the holiday season and through out the year, Angie is responsible for the food at many special events that happen at the school.  She handles all ordering, inventory, staffing, and food preparation for the cafeteria, as well as keeping up and complying with all new and current regulations regarding food safety.  We are also very thankful for when she prepares one of her special home recipes for staff and students.  They are unrivaled.  Angie has the best attitude in every situation and is thoughtful to everyone.

Thank you for making a difference!