A Letter from the Superintendent

What Comes Next?

The system of county board's in Ohio is changing. And here at the GCBDD, we feel like we have aged gracefully through the years, but this year we are really focusing on "What Comes Next?" We've been collecting ideas and information from the people we serve, families, employees, and providers about where they think the board should head. Quality services that will enhance the lives of individuals we serve is our mission. We are creating some fantastic partnerships with providers in our community and have expanded the use of Adult Family Living. Additionally, Guernsey County offers a variety of choices for day habilitation and our provider partners have crated dynamic job opportunities for those we serve. We have offered grants to the public schools in Guernsey County, as we believe that we will support children regardless of where they  decide to be educated. We have been directly involved in the waiting list reform in Ohio and have already started the new assessments for everyone, 145 in total, who was on the old waiting list. The new list will focus on immediate and current needs and will not be focused on a waiver...as that is just a funding source. We are focusing on the future more than ever and what the future will look like for everyone involved. We will keep you updated on our survey results to the question, "What Comes Next?" In the meantime, I wish you a blessed New Year and look forward to working with you in 2019.


Kellie Brown, Superintendent