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 Working Wednesday

Our January Working Wednesday is Duane.

Duane has been employed with Belco Works since 2017 at the ODOT rest area on Interstate 70. When asked what he likes best about the job, Duane state, "Well, I always like mowing, but I like doing a good job and hearing the good compliments." While visiting Duane on his job-site, he was busy mopping, but you can find him doing many tasks, such as cleaning, grounds keeping, picking up trash in the car lot and when weather permitting, mowing. "Duane is a hard worker he just needs some motivation at times," states his supervisor, Dave. "Dave is a good guy. I go to him for a lot of advice," Duane added.

Congratulations Duane!!


Community Partner Award

The Community Partner Award is our thanks to our partners in the community who go the extra mile for our individuals!

Ohio State Highway Patrol - Cambridge Post


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