The Guernsey County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Early Intervention (EI) is a coordinated, community-based service that promotes family-centered programs for children, birth to three years of age and their families. The program focuses on the family as a whole. EI provides health and developmental services so children can start school healthy and ready to learn. They provide service coordination and evaluations as well as early identification of children with developmental delays, with information, guidance, and links to therapeutic interventions.

During home visits, Service Coordinators provide the family with up-to-date information on child heath, development, early infant stimulation and growth promoting activities. Coordinators will complete developmental screenings for health, hearing, vision, nutrition, social/emotional health and overall development. Activities are held to promote family literacy and support parents as full partners in their child’s education. The program’s goal is to lay the foundation for later school success.

In Guernsey County, Developmental Specialists are trained in and utilize PLAY Project and Sheldon and Rush evidenced based practice during special instruction. The program is designed to focus on the behaviors of children with Autism. It teaches parents to become better play partners with their child. The program teaches techniques and strategies to help engage their child in an effort to help them reach their potential and become better equipped to socially interact with family and peers.

During 2016, the Early Intervention program provided services to 85 children. Services are identified for each child and their family through development of an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) and are provided in the child’s natural environment.