Fun with Early Intervention and Help Me Grow

Create - Your - Own Homemade Bird Feeders

  1. Gather up a few pine cones from your yard and tie strings to the top of them. 
  2. Using a butter knife, have your preschooler spread peanut butter or cooking lard all over the surface of the pine cone.
  3. Roll the pine cone through a bowl of bird seed.
  4. Hang the pine cone from a high surface, such as a tree or porch.
  1. Cut a stale bagel in half lengthwise and secure it with a string or ribbon through the hole.
  2. Have your child spread either peanut butter or cooking fat over the bagel.
  3. Dredge it through the bird seed.
  4. Hang the bagel in the yard.
  1. Take a long length of string and tie a knot at the end that's big enough so the cereal can't drop through.
  2. Ask your preschooler to put circle-shaped cereal, such as Cheerios, onto the string.
  3. Once the string is full, tie the ends together and secure it to a tree or porch.

  1. Run a long piece of string through an empty toilet paper roll and tie together at the ends.
  2. Have your preschooler smear peanut butter all over the surface of the roll.
  3. Roll it through bird seed and hang it.
  1. Cut an orange in half and clean out all of the fruit and pulp. Take care not to rip or tear the rind.
  2. Poke two tiny holes across the diameter of the orange, directly opposite from each other.
  3. Thread a string through and secure at the top.
  4. Fill the orange with a mixture of peanut butter and birdseed and hang.

  1. Clean and dry an empty milk carton.
  2. Cut a hole big enough for a bird to fit.
  3. Punch a hole in the top of the feeder and thread a string through. Tie at the top and secure.
  4. Let your child decorate as he/she wishes. Construction paper is fine, but it will likely get ruined in inclement weather. Instead, try acrylic paint or crayons.
  5. Once the bird feeder is dry, fill with birdseed and hang.